"Sustainable Luxury Brands in Italy You Need to Know.

"Beauty will save the world”. This quote from “The Idiot”, a classic novel written by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky, is very famous, but is it true?  Sadly, humans have committed many atrocities in the name of beauty and many people in the fashion industry seem to think that everything is justified in the pursuit of beauty. 

Via Luxiders Magazine

Fashion is undoubtedly an art from, but can art be valuable and meaningful nowadays if it is unethical? The creative and eco-conscious minds behind these sustainable and forward thinking luxury Italian brands do not seem to think so.  

POETHICA is a sustainable luxury brand founded by Jose' Luis Toniutti. 
Feminine, delicate and classy, their clothes look like they belong to a fairy-tale princess. They are committed to minimize their environmental impact by using GOTS certified materials and working only with people who guarantee safe and healthy working conditions to their workers. Poethica is also a plastic free company that donates 3.3% of their profit on each purchase to foundations and organizations such as Greenpeace, Goodplanet Foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio Fundation and Cool Hearh Organization.


Via Luxiders Magazine

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