Avoiding design and production of clothing with printed fabric
that usually require high minimum quantities of fabric.
We rather for Undyed, Neutral or white and Black palette.
Bold Minimalism. But Conscious.

Kindsilk™ Textiles are entirely dyed only natural tinctures made from vegetal gifts.
Such as leafs and spices, fruits and flowers.
Flower Power

Limited Seasonal Stock quantities. The best way to offer:
More choice with less waste.

Re-ordering designs as required only when a certain number of customers they look for it.
Economically disavantage in advantage of our planet.

AHIMSA Kindsilk ™ Collection is entirely "Made to Order".
This valuable practice, is been make your garments unique
and require to our tailors just 2-3 working days more.
Made to Order

Reduce unnecessary waste. Cutting smarter from patterns.
Less is more. Mainly on waste.

FOLIUM And AHIMSA Collection are plastic free.
Plastic Free

MAREEL and SEMAINE Collections are made from Regenerated Yarns.
Regenerated Yarns

PECULIAR Collection is made from Dead Stock and Surplus Vintage Fabrics.
The result of today and past mistakes that are shamefully repeated today…
But the waste of some can be the resource of others. 
 Don't waste the waste

Labeling and Packaging including our Brand Stationery are Plastic Free.
Made from Recycled Crafts Papers and Biodegradable Mailers. Any part is:
Recycled, Reusable or Compostable

Poethica's Logo and Size Labels, as well threads for seams garments
are produced with recycled fibers and stitched respecting
the OEKO TEX Standards 100 Certification.
Observing the 
Standard of “Detox for our Future” by Greenpeace.
Points by Points

We do our best to make our products long lasting.
Quality is the key to give a value to "things" and Respect our Customers.
As well, a durable garments has more chance to have a second and third life..
Trough our e-commerce will be possible to resell and buy secondhand garments and accessories.
Once Again

Currently over 90% of our cutting and sewing is done in Italy.
Kindsilk™ comes from India. Vegetal Fibers and Accessories between Italy,
Portugal, Maroque, and countries from Latin America. 
Each shipment affects the environment.
We choose to place orders that favor rail and ship transport, certainly,
Slower Solutions than Air.
But compensating for our impact is a second choice, the first is trying to reduce it.
Slowly Please

We have a feeling of romantic admiration looking back
for slow ancient techniques and we purpose to incude it in our dress making.
Old Ways Glows

We look at innovation with desire of positive change
and we enjoy the possibility to create new vegetal yarns from unusual source,
such as algae, pineapple and organic waste material.
Equally, give a new life to things, regenerating fibers of polymers
to avoid the overproduction derived from fossil materials.
Positive Innovation

We chose to donate from our profit to support Foundations and Organizations committed to help,
preserve or make awareness around environmental and social sustainability.
Support Good Causes


We do our best but we’re not perfect.
We are a group of people before being a company.
Any comment, suggestion or advice will be precious for our growth
and improve our next steps in the most sustainable and respectful way.
Hope and Goals


The responsible option.
Made Kindly.