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Style With A Cause highlights designers who support a cause such as sustainability, charities, and fair trade.

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POE-+87.jpg1. Brand name?

POETHICA - Made Kindly

2. Founder name?
Jose’ Luis Toniutti. Born in La Paz, Bolivia, but grew up in Italy.

3. Where is the company based?
Milano, Italy.

4. When was the company founded?

5. Tell us about your company and the products you sell?
The Poethica brand was created to inspire a new sustainable way to be fashionable and respectful: for the planet, workers and consumers. Everything is Made Kindly, day by day thanks also to Rebeca, Ella, Kiko, Giulia and many more friends and enthusiastic supporters. All fabrics and yarns are produced by conscientious manufacturing partners across the world, rediscovering marvelous ancient methods while supporting innovative material and solutions to minimize the environmental impact and to abstain from all form of cruelty against any form of life, human or animal. We rely on superior practices throughout our certified supply chain. We also make lovely styles and give a second life to what has already been produced, through responsible up-cycling practices, while spreading good vibes about environmental thematics, artistic culture, love and respect.

6. What is the inspiration behind your brand?
Poethica was born faithfully around her values of consciousness, from whose reflection sparkles the desire of a deep research of ethical yarns, sustainable production process and innovative solutions to give shape to a new “Affordable Conscious Luxury Clothing Brand,” a timeless collection rich of garments created beyond conventional fashion seasons.

POE- 77.jpg7. Explain how the true story of Poetry, Ethical, and Karma applies to your brand and your products?
We believe that poetry, in the broadest artistic sense, is a universal human expression to celebrate, to protect, to be carried away. We see poetry in the arts and crafts, in the expression of a culture and in the respect we show before diversity. We see poetry in the kind movement of water simply flowing everywhere. Ethics should not be a quality of the few but a responsibility of each.
“Response” and “Ability” - We are using our abilities in response to the careless production of the fashion industry.
Through circular connections, in this endless wire of actions and reactions, what goes around comes around, in the unstoppable musical flux of Karma. 

8. What are some ways that you try to educate your consumers and your audience about what the brand stands for?
Our storytelling is based on providing a broader and detailed perspective on the environmental protection causes and, specifically, the impact of the fashion industry in terms of pollution and cruelty on animals. We want to share stories about inspiring people who take a stand and make strong and brave choices to refuse the traditional dogmas, representing diversity, openness and desire for change.

9. What is your goal with your brand?
One day we want to look back and see how what we’ve worked on and believed in contributed to giving life to an exceptional brand. A brand that, through the hard work of an inspired and talented team, is the first choice of customers whose dearest values are respect, kindness & social and environmental sustainability. We want to give life to Made Kindly, a NGO with the focus on preserving cultural identity and expertise on artisanal techniques handed down in different areas and communities, in order to protect and celebrate craftsmanship, so people and the planet will win together.

POE- 13.jpg10. How do you wish to change the fashion industry with your brand?
We have the aim of bringing more and more people closer to the values we believe in. Plenty of giant fashion brands have destructive production practices that enormously damage the environment and the consumers themselves, in the long run. Poethica is providing them with a responsible and valuable option & with the opportunity to wear stylish and kindly-made pieces that respect all forms of living.

11. What materials do you use and how do you obtain these materials?
Poethica materials choice falls on using natural plant-based fibers, the recovery of fabrics from surplus or dead-stock, recycled fibers, and new technologic yarns made from plants. The production of standard silk requires killing up to 3,000 chrysalis through a cruel process of liquid dissolution. Ahimsa is the non-cruelty silk we prefer, as it is obtained by allowing worms to become butterflies and go free to fulfill their natural role in the ecosystem. In other words, we choose a kind practice instead of a bloody silk road.

12. Are there any charities or organizations you work with? If so, why?
We are partners with @imamaproject, a brilliant initiative helping a group of women in Guinea to learn a profession in tailoring and giving them the chance to become economically independent & practice useful skills daily.

13. What are your future plans for the brand? What are some other causes you want to support with your brand?
We hope to give life to the already mentioned Made Kindly initiative, along with Donation 3.3%, a program to constantly commit give part of Poethica’s profit to support causes related to protecting the environment, animals & fighting conditions of social injustice.

Jose’ Luis Toniutti.

Jose’ Luis Toniutti  


CREDITS For Images:

Model 1: Greta Galli - @gretagalli,
Model 2: Sophia Tiriakidou - @sophiat
Model 3: Silvia Inzaghi - @silviainza
Photographer: Lance J. Thirring - @lance.thirring 

Via Photo Book Magazine

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